Product Range

In addition to our standard product range, we have the capabilities and interest to collaborate with our customer to make custom devices to their specific requirements.

You will find an overview of our product range below, but please contact us for a product catalogue with details on the materials and construction of each device type in our range.

You can view at our video demonstrating our product range and materials.

Name Application
 Adult & Teenage Functional Range:    XT Rigid  Every day use. Robust rigid functional device for maximum control.
 XT Ultra Rigid  Every day use.  For extreme control and/ or for heavy individuals.
 XT Semi-Flexible  Every day use. For medium control and /or for light individuals.
Semi -Flexible  Every day use. Economically priced, medium control functional device.


Name Application
  Sports Range:     XT Sport  Suitable for all sports. For multidirectional activities (e.g. tennis, football, squash).

As well as unidirectional sports (e.g. running, walking).

 XT Sports Elite  High control device for serious athletes (e.g. triathlete, heavy rugby players, long distance runners).
Sports Orthoses  All around sports device.
EVA Sport *  Has a shortened adjustment period so these devices can be quickly worn for a full training regime.

Typical uses include soccer, Gaelic football, competitive dance and rugby.


*Best to send boots along for fitting


Name  Application
                               Paediatric Range:   Child Orthoses  Medium control device ideally suited for the younger patient.
Heel Controller  For the severely pronated & hypermobile child’s foot. Modified UCLB device for ease of fit.


Name  Application
Fashion Range :    High Style *  Moderate biomechanical control for shoes with heels 7cm or greater



*Best to send shoes along for fitting

 Low Style  Moderate biomechanical control for low heeled court shoes.


Name  Application
 Rheumatoid & Geriatric Range :   RA Poly Orthoses  Moderate biomechanical control specifically for the rheumatoid patient.
Geriatric  XT  Moderate biomechanical control for the elderly patient.


Name  Application
                   Sculpted Leather Range:    Diabetic Orthoses  Biomechanical control designed specifically to address the symptomatic diabetic foot.
Cavus Pronator *  Designed for cavus / rigid forefoot valgus type feet that excessively supinate during weight bearing.

Prescription re-establishes the natural pronation that is absent in this foot type, providing better turning

movement and natural shock absorption. Must have laced shoe with a roomy toe box.


*Best to send shoes along for fitting

Balanced Supinator  Biomechanically controls excessive pronation for the patient who cannot tolerate a thermoplastic device.


 Specifically for the patient with persistent deep hyperkeratotic lesions on the plantar aspect of the foot.

… everywhere your feet take you

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